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us4us Ltd.

us4us Ltd. delivers advanced ultrasound research systems and OEM components optimized for software-defined ultrasound applications and GPU processing. Our solutions feature raw RF acquisition and high-speed PCIe data streaming, enabling the end user to implement their own real-time CPU/GPU processing algorithms. An open SDK provides flexibility and easy integration with C/C++/Python/Matlab.

Our current offering:
• us4R-lite – a low-cost, portable ultrasound research system featuring 256TX/64RX channels and an external Thunderbolt 3 interface (40Gb/s). The first truly portable solution to work with your PC/notebook.
• us4R – an advanced 2D/3D-ready ultrasound research system featuring 256TX/256RX channels and an extremely high data transfer rate (up to 30GB/s). The system is intended for real-time implementation of advanced/complex ultrasound processing algorithms on GPUs.
• us4OEM – a credit-card sized ultrasound front-end module with 128TX/32RX channels for integration in the end-user system/solution.

Furthermore, we offer consulting and development services in the area of ultrasound methods, systems, and product development.

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