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Author Presentation Instructions

Contact authors should have received the instructions below via email – please reach out to Brianna Orr if you did not.

All presenters will be required to submit a pre-recorded video of their presentation, to be played back during a live Zoom session. Presenters must plan to be available for a live Q&A directly following their video playback.

Videos will also be posted on the CONFlux virtual platform throughout the conference for asynchronous viewing.

Presentation TypeRequired Materials & Format
Invited Oral Presentation25 Minute Video
Videos will be played back via Zoom & the speaker will be available for 5 Minute Q&A
Submitted Oral Presentation12 Minute Video
Videos will be played back via Zoom & the speaker will be available for 3 Minute Q&A
Poster Presentation3 Minute Video
Videos will be played back via Zoom and the speaker will be available for 7 Minute discussion and Q&A period
*Note: A traditional poster PDF is not required. You may include additional slides for discussion during the Q&A.
Q&A and discussion periods will be within Zoom immediately following the pre-recorded video playback for all session types.

It is highly recommended to submit presentation slides in addition to the video, which will be posted on the CONFlux platform. We recommend that all presentation types use PowerPoint slides for their video presentation, including posters. Poster presenters may plan to include additional slides for the discussion period.

Presenters will have the opportunity to share their slides during the Q&A/discussion portion of the session.

The video submission deadline is AUGUST 9, 2021. You will receive a submission URL by July 27 where you can upload your prepared materials.

IUS will have networking & discussion rooms available within Gather.Town for presenters to further discuss their work outside of the presentation times.

Zoom Backgrounds
These can be used for your slides or as a background during your presentation if you choose.
Background 1
Background 2

Instructions for recording your presentation:
There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation.  Videos should include the PowerPoint slides and the presenter. You can use any meeting software as long as you get a good quality recording and your final file is in the MP4 format. Here are some links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:

You can also use the two-step method covered below:

Create Voice Over Power point and convert to MP4  

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