Ieee Mb White

Invited Speaker

Dr. Petros Mouratidis

Petros received his PhD in cancer cell biology from St. George’s Hospital Medical School University of London, where he investigated the cytotoxic effects of small molecules including thalidomide and vitamin analogues in pancreatic cancer. In 2013 he was recruited in the group of Prof Gail ter Haar to work on the biological effects of focused ultrasound on cancer. He investigated the activation of apoptosis and autophagy and has demonstrated that hyperthermia synergises with HSP90 inhibition to kill colon cancer cells. He contributed to the development of a biologically relevant “ultrasound dose” by showing that Arrhenius equations can predict the cell cytotoxic effects of high temperature rapid heating. Petros’s most recent focus has been the investigation of the immunological effects of focused ultrasound in in vivo pancreatic cancer models.

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